Citrine – Discovering Gemstones

Citrine – Discovering Gemstones

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Citrine is a gemstone that always reminds me of the surface of the sun, purely because the colours you’ll find in that distant star are pretty much the only colours Citrine can be found in. The range starts at light yellow through to reddish yellow and ends with golden brown. Citrine owes its colour to the presence of Ferric Iron. It is a variety of quartz that is quiet rare to find, due to this quiet a bit of “Citrine” is heat treated Amethyst or Smokey Quartz. However the best gem quality material is found in Brazil but you can also find Citrine in Spain, Madagascar and the former USSR. Citrine is quiet brittle so due care must be taken when working with the stone. It falls at a 7 on the moh’s hardness scale remembering Sapphire is 9. All in all its a lovely warm stone. 10 Ants has been lucky enough to get our hands on some sizeable, unusually cut pieces which allow for some amazing orange and golden tones too shine through at the same time. (see bellow)

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