Engagement Ring

‘The engagement ring is an outward expression of love, one of the most significant and personal pieces of Jewellery one can own.’ – 10 Ants

Handmade Custom Deigned Engagement Rings using the Highest Quality Diamonds and Gemstones.

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Art Deco Engagement Ring
Diamond Solitaire
3.04ct Cognac Diamond Ring

Whether its through the use of Pink Diamonds or yellow gold, the subtle accents 10 Ants utilise throughout the design process set their pieces apart from the crowd. Allowing you to have absolute confidence that your ring has the strength, quality and appearance of a custom designed couture ring.

The Hand Crafted Process

Design and Inspiration

We begin with the design, a process that marks the beginning of a journey. Each creation is equally unique and meaningful. The process begins (like most love stories do) with a moment. The moment when with the assistance of a design specialist you realize what design best represents you and your love.

The Stone

Using the knowledge and qualifications our staff have gained from years of study and training, we carefully select stones that will enhance your design. As this is your love story you are involved in the selection process, your diamond specialist will show you several possibilities then allow you to choose the stone that embodies your design.


The creation takes three-dimensional form in the workshop, through the use of various handmade techniques your ring begins to take shape. We use the experience behind us to create a ring that is both delicate and enduring. This is a piece that should hardly leave your finger, so we make sure that it never has to.

The nature of the process allows us customise every aspect, this allows us to work within most budgets. If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us. A friendly member of our staff would be happy to assist you.