Natural Zircon – Discovering Gemstones

Natural Zircon – Discovering Gemstones

Natural Zircon is commonly confused with Cubic Zirconia or fake diamonds for two reasons. 1. Unfortunately the names are quiet similar and 2. Whilst white zircons are one of the rarer colours natural zircons can be found in Australia and due to their double refraction and amazing colour dispersion they perform some of the qualities of diamonds better then diamonds do themselves. ‘So your saying they are white, sparkly and look like diamonds but have greater colour dispersion than diamonds (sparkliness)?’ Yes I am, conveniently they also don’t have the same price point ;). aaaahhhhhh!!!! (the sound of angles singing).

Natural Zircons can be found in yellow, orange, blue, brown, green, colourless, and (rarely) pinks. They are a 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale (Sapphire is 9) however they are brittle and therefore when setting these beauties one must be careful of the edges. These babies are one of my favourite stones they are bright, sparkly and just oh so pretty. 10 Ants has worked extensively in the past year with Natural Zircons especially in the stunning and rare pink and white shades from Australia. We even have a few stunning pieces for sale in our studio (I know ‘gasp’). P.S Zircon is the birth stone of December babies.

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