The Process of creation. 3ct Diamond Ring.

It starts with an idea a concept from there working together we create something unique just for you. This notion of ‘being unique’ in combination with ‘high end handmade quality’ is what 10 Ants is built from, but what does the process of creation usually entail.

Firstly we have a preliminary meeting to discuss ideas and the direction the client wishes the piece to go in. For this particular piece (pictured above) the client showed us supplied us with some gold and smaller diamonds she wanted incorporated, as well as a general idea of the style she wanted to achieve.

Secondly either during this first meeting or in the days that follow Shane will sketch the design  in perfect ratio (usually 2:1 so that you are able to see finer details) this allows you to see exactly what your piece will look like.

Thirdly we then head out into the international market and source the stones we require. Which in this case was a 3ct round brilliant cut diamond.

Fourthly at our second appointment you are able to have a peruse of the stones we have sourced, usually you will look through three to five stones each slightly different. We will walk you through the pro’s and con’s of each stone, taking them outside into natural light so that you are able to see how it will look in your everyday life.

Next we begin the creation/manufacturing process this usually takes a few weeks or more depending on our schedule and yours. (Some people prefer to have a longer due date allowing them to make payments).

Depending on the piece we may require a brief fitting to ensure the piece will sit properly on you. As each clients ears, décolletage etc are unique.

Last but definitely not least you collect your piece. Beautifully hand made and tailored just for you.

x 10 Ants